Ah, New York City, “the concrete jungle where dreams are made of.”
Except we don’t have the money to make rent, the energy to keep going after a 16-hour day, and any idea when our “dreams” will finally come true.
The 20-something landscape is bleak — but we don’t have to go through it alone.
 We’ve got our friends, our co-workers, even strangers on the subway — a whole band of people navigating this decade. We’ve got each other.
We’re ready to lift our heads, connect, and take this journey together. Are you in?
20s to be is a newsletter for you, your childhood BFF, that familiar face on the street, and future friends to air out the day-to-day sludge of living in New York City. Whether you’re figuring out how to move up the ladder at work, how to decide if “right swipe” is “Mr. Right,” how to manage your personal finances, or what “adulting” really means, 20s to be is a place to turn for resources, encouragement, shoulders to lean on — and most importantly, a place where we can just be real.
Despite the grit and grime of growing up all over again, these are your 20s to play, to flirt, to love. Your 20s to cry, to mourn, to rebuild. Your 20s to watch Netflix all day when everything is just getting to be too much, or your 20s to get up off that couch and live your best life.
These are your 20s to be.

our values

We know who we are and are unapologetic about it.
We are open to new experiences and to sharing our struggles.
We thrive because of past failures, not in spite of them.

Our Mission

To create a safe, self-organizing online community for twenty-somethings in New York where they can share their challenges and find advice on how to navigate the transition into adulthood.

our vision

To foster an understanding among twenty-somethings that we are not alone in our challenges — we have a shared experience with each other.




Business Development

Hediya is an East coast native with roots across the world. Ask her about entrepreneurship or her love for Persian tea.
Favorite book: Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

julia qiao



Julia grew up in NYC and plans on eating her way around the world. These days she works her dream job.
Favorite HBO show: Game of Thrones (House Stark FTW)

tina solo



Tina strives to make everything she touches a little more beautiful and organized.  She was born and raised in Brazil.
Favorite snack: goat cheese and blueberry jam on a cracker

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